Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Blog Crushes

I was blog hopping the other day and I came across some blogs that really stood out to me! I am loving these blogs: in no particular order.

She features exquisite photography that just feeds your creative appetite! definitely a blog to watch out for. I absolutely love how she always tends to feature African prints, photographers and bloggers, Like I always say regardless of the bad press Africa may get at times I wouldn't be anything else!

His blog features fashion from African Designers, Sad that I just ran across it today! I am so!

Twenty year old girl from Australia that has a classic, chic, yet funky sense of style. I tend to dress in only classic pieces, thus I love when I see people look equally classy + stylish with their own individual twist... Definitely check out her blog! you will not be disappointed!

Designer and DIY Maverick! Azede is the definition of someone who knows her own style! I love her DIY rompers! She definitely gave me ideas to make old thrifted men's shirts into rompers and dresses. I think I will add a ankara twist to them. You know I love ANKARA! her blog is refreshing and original!

Check out all these fabulous blogs. I am also going to start a weekly look of the week post, I'll be rummaging through blogs but you can also send me your own personal photos via email at I  hope you are having a fantabulous week! *kisses*


Vivi said...

I absolutely adore The Good Good Blog. I already follow One Nigerian Boy, and he's great, too. Funny enough, I read about your friend, Tinu, through her friend's blog, Bleed for Fashion (which I follow). I think they're both doing a fashion shoot together or something. But I'll be sure to check out Tinu's blog. And also, Opinion Slave and Azede of Uncouturier.

Dee O. said...

I am so happy I came across this! Thank you so much for your support!! I am so glad you like my blog! I definitely try to rep Africa as hard as I can since I am Nigerian :) Like yoy, I really want to show ppl how there is more to Africa than what the media portrays!

And @Vivi, thank you for your kind words!

Tereza Anton said...

Thank you so much for sharing this.

The Corner Shop said...

I love the first two blog too. I don't know the others but i'll check them out!

Thanks for coming by my blog :D


Lydz xX said...

checked them all out, great call anf feature. amazing bloggers
Lydz xX

Angela said...

Belle chemise!!!
J aime !!!
Angela Donava

Ag said...

@Vivi- yea Tinu recently did a shoot with a Nigerian designer and the blogger from Bleed for Fashion! I am proud of her!

@Dee O. I only speak the truth your blog is definitely creative, innovative and inspiring! Keep up the good work!

@Terez- thanks I am glad you like these blogs

@The Corner Shop- I am so behind in terms of the first to blogs, but as they say better late than never! And thank you for coming as well!

@Lydz- I am glad you liked all of the blogs

@Angela- thanks! I really need to brush up on my french! I will after exams! ;)

Zarna said...

i'll have to check out some of these blogs - thank you so much for the suggestions!

Milda said...

That is a great collection of blogs, my favourite is definitely opinion slave. Her style is so simple yet graced luxury and elegance


I love all of the blogs that you listed! Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my blog. Kiah

Chibaby said...

im gona check these out.its been hard to come across a good nigerian guy blogger..:)

Ag said...

@Zarna- Anytime I love sharing about other great bloggers!

@Milda- Yes! The opinion slave I love her style. I like alot of her ensembles, sadly they don't flatter my body type, lol...

@Rez- Anytime! I meant every word I said!

@Chibaby- you're actually right you know I don't see many male Nigerian Bloggers.....