Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Thrifted Coat

I cannot explain how much I wholeheartedly miss finding amazing coats in the thrift store in the DMV area. I scored this coat about three years ago from a thrift store off 450 in Maryland for around $10.00, if I remember correctly. Vintage in the UK is a bit different, I definitely cannot wait to be state side again and find amazing treasures in the various thrift stores around the DMV area... And since it's still cold in the UK..side eye.. It looks like we'll be wearing coats a little while longer.
Outfit Details:
Vintage Lapel Long Forest Green Coat similar (here) + (here)
COS Long Sleeved Top
H&M Midi Skirt (SOLD OUT) similar (here)
 H&M Chain Shoulder Bag similar (here)
Carven Bow Heels floral version (here)

Now to the outfit. I decided to wear one of my favorite skirts of the moment this a textured Midi H&M shirt with carven ankle bow heels and my long vintage coat. It reminds me of the television show 'Designing Women.' It was perfect as it is chic yet kept me warm against the Edinburgh winds and dropping temperatures. When will these winds return to the North Pole? I'm tired of wearing coats!

Photographer: Teresa Dickson of Glanceobservecapture 
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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Blue Favorites

Right now I have so many favorite things. You know that saying of Women having a wardrobe full of clothing yet wear the same three items over and over again. That has been me these last few weeks, and for whatever reason they are mostly blue pieces.
 Outfit Details:
Zara Long Sleeved Top
COS Cobalt Blue Coat Sold out, similar (here) + (here)
COS Ankle Trousers 
Miss Selfridge Double Finger Ring LOVE this (here)
Ankara Quilted Shoulder Bag 
Salvatore Ferragamo Varina's (here) + similar on sale (here)

I've been wearing this blue coat, and blue Varina's constantly for the last several days, They are just so easy to coordinate and throw on.

I wear the following pieces constantly at the moment:
1. Blue COS Wool Classic Coat
2. Cobalt Blue + Red Ferragamo Varina's
3. Banana Republic Cropped Trousers
4. Whistles Neoprene Skater Skirt
5. LeyeLesi African Print Quilted Handbags

These are in heavy rotation at the moment. To those saying, 'Dang she stay wearing those pieces' yup, because I plan to get every cent out of everything I buy.' I'm definitely a repeat offender.. Wink Wink!!!

What are the five pieces you are constantly wearing at the moment?

Photographer: Teresa Dickson of Glanceobservecapture 
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Monday, 9 March 2015

Tag ME

There is something about bag tags that I absolutely LOVE! It's a unique and chic way to add some character to your bags. I have been in awe of bag tags for some time now, particularly faux fur bag tags. Recently, I've been working on making some Ankara, Leather, Acrylic and Beaded Bag Tags.

I have released a few online (here) on the ZFSowho Etsy Shop price range from £6.00 - £20.00 depending on the size and style. I hope you purchase a few to add to your bags this year. Here's how I wore one this weekend while shopping in town! 
Meanwhile is it just me or is H&M doing the damn thing when it comes to clothing lately?!? Their premium clothing section is just everything at the moment. I have to walk past them on Princes Street so they won't take anymore of my money!!!

Hope you've been having a great week!!! Enjoy your weekend and make lasting memories! xx

Photographer: Teresa Dickson of Glanceobservecapture 
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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

City Rays

The days are starting to get a bit brighter and I know I'm not the only one that is dreaming of Spring, everyday, literally. Lighter coats no more thigh high boots and longer days for BBQ's and night fireworks in Edinburgh. Yes, Spring Couldn't come fast enough.

I decided to pull this Yellow Mustard Coat out of retirement this week. I have not worn it in ages and totally forgot about it until I was doing an Ebay clear out, and found it. That's the problem when you have so many coats (but I'm a firm believer that you can never have too many coats).  I ended up pairing this Mustard coat with a vintage ram rhinestone necklace, bodycon long sleeved Zara dress and my Pigalle Christian Louboutin's. Minimal and chic, you can never go wrong with simple and clean lines in an outfit.
Outfit Details:
Zara Long Sleeved Neoprene Dress get this (here) + (here)
Vintage Pearl + Rhinestone Necklace similar (here)
Mustard Wool COS Coat love this (here)
Mini Salvatore Ferragamo Shoulder Bag (here)
Long Black Vintage Gloves 
Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100's (here) + cheaper version (here)

In the Winter do you buy an excess of knits, boots and winter dresses or are you like me and layer up while investing more so in coats and jackets?

Photographer: Teresa Dickson of Glanceobservecapture 
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Monday, 23 February 2015

Shhh... It's a Surprise!!

This weekend I surprised my Husband with a party for his birthday and it was amazing. He's still recovering and trying to fathom how I was able to plan everything and without him having the slightest idea. He keeps saying, 'I don't know about you oh, you can sell me and I won't know.' LOL, I just laugh and smile.

My friends in Edinburgh and Aberdeen are amazing and I could not have done it without them. I was thinking of what to do that he would cherish and have fun with. I mean come on as adults we're all big kids afterall. Well at least I am. So I did a mini photobooth in our office.

All in all...great party, great banter, great friends, great food and great memories. I hope you had a great weekend as well!!! I think it's safe to say I'm getting a hang of this surprising your husband and wife role. *wink*

Photobooth Photos 
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