Thursday, 11 December 2014

Creative Break: Christmas Collection

Hello Everyone, how've you been!!!??? Sorry for my mini break, I have been busy creating and buying these last few weeks.

Nevertheless, I've created Ankara Ornaments and Ankara Covered journals for the Christmas Season. I have forgotten how much I love creating until these last few months my creative juices have been spiraling out of control!! Ornament, key chains, journals, I've been bitten by a creative bug and I love the process. For all my Instagram, Twitter and Blog followers: I have a coupon code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS20 which gives you 20% off your entire order, just in time for Christmas.
Have a Great Week, and I hope you are enjoying the festive period thus far!!!

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Clean Cut

How many of you have a problem with trust? Now I don't really have a problem with trusting people, I've learned how to try and be objective with people, and know that when a person shows me who they are to accept it. So if I don't have a problem with trusting people, what type of trust problems do I have? I have trust issues when it comes to my image. If I am going to you to do my eyebrows for the first time, I am literally the customer sitting on the edge of my seat, drawing my eyebrow shape and praying to God that they get it right. Once I find an amazing person to thread my eyebrows they've gained a certified customer! (Shout out to Naz in Edinburgh that does my fabulous eyebrows)

I also find it hard trusting barbers with my cutting my hair. I'll be directing and trying as much as possible not to get too upset if I get a new barber that has no idea what they are doing. So the last time I cut my hair in Edinburgh at a particular barber shop, the barber was horrible. My husband told me that he could cut my hair for me, but I was afraid he'd mess up. Then I'd be upset at him, and I don't want to be upset at my boo...thus I opted for peace, or so I thought. I thought I'd rather get angry at someone else if they mess up. Well in the end, the barber messed up and my husband had to 'fix it to the best of his ability' that was a month ago.

Since then I hadn't cut my hair for so long because I didn't my fade messed up again and I hadn't found a new barber, thus it was looking a bit unkempt. My husband kindly said baby I'm cutting your hair tonight, I avoided it saying I'm busy or I'm tired. Then Saturday morning I think he'd had enough of my sides looking jacked, lol, and he told me to trust him. So as a good wife, I sat on the edge of my seat and allowed my hubby to cut my hair....and he did a fantastic job. I have a clean cut and I'm now saving £20.00 a month! Lesson learned, learn to trust more. *smile*

 Outfit Details:
COS Bottom Frill Coat (SOLD OUT) similar (here) love this (here)
COS Jersey Dress (here) like this (here) + (here)
Carven Ankle Bow Heels in red (here) and floral print on sale: (here) + (here)
Vintage Gucci Shoulder bag
Primark Tights
ZFSowho Bangle + Earrings, Kenneth Jay Lane Ram Bangle (here)

This is the grey version of the 'one dress' I tend to wear all the time, worn previously in coral (here). It's funny that I've had this clean cut dress for almost 2 years and it's my first time wearing on the blog. I have worn every cent of the £55.00, and love it to bits.

Photographer: Oluwatosin Ogunlesi 
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Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Skirts + Sweats

These days I feel I can wear a sweatshirt with literally anything. A sweatshirt can go with an a line skirt, pencil skirt, jeans, leggings or cropped trousers. Thus this grey H&M sweatshirt with this pencil skirt was a no brainer. I wore this when going for Brunch Sunday with the Hubby.
 Outfit Details:
H&M Sweatshirt  
Zara Choker Necklace
Zara Pencil Skirt 
Fendi Mama Baguette
Kenneth Jay Lane Bracelets
Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100's

 I have yet to get used to walking in these painful pigalle 100's, oh well. No pain no gain right...wrong, lol!! Hope you're all having a blessed week!!!

Photographer: Oluwatosin Ogunlesi 
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Monday, 3 November 2014

Designer Spotlight: Anita Quansah London

Anita Quansah is of half Ghanaian and half Nigerian descent. Her pieces encompass her heritage and command nothing short of attention. She launched her brand in 2006, and is committed to creating 'unique bespoke creations that are one of a kind embroidered wearable art.' Thus, it's no surprise that the the pieces are extraordinary + breathtaking!. The mediums she uses for her pieces are: gems, beads, feathers, ankara fabric and more.

These statement pieces are sure to make a statement addition to any outfit. I hope to see Anita doing more bigger and better things in fashion, in the near future!

You can purchase Anita Quansah pieces (here), (here) and (here).

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Uniformed Dressing

With each season that passes, my style has pretty much remained the same. The only difference is, I spend more on quality items here and there and don't splurge on 'bargains' any more... (as much *smile*). Blazers, a blouse, cropped trousers and flats have been my uniform, especially in the fall for almost 6+ years now.

There is just something smart, chic and simple about the ensemble, that for whatever reason never gets old to me, it is my go to Uniform. I am that lady that owns probably 25+ pairs of cropped trousers and 8 - 10 pairs of Salvatore Ferragamo's and Chanel Ballet Flats ... because they work for me. If it ain't broken don't fix it right?
 Outfit Details:
Zara Long Sleeved Blouse 
Vintage M&S Sweater 
Banana Republic Martin Trousers
Salvatore Ferragamo Blue Patent Varina's 

Always wear what you feel comfortable in, invest in pieces that work for your account balance, your style and your shape. Don't follow trends, pick out items each season that embrace your style and make them staples in your wardrobe. I've learned that most of the clothing I am selling at flea markets or via ebay to reduce the ridiculous clutter in my closet, are pieces I bought when I was still discovering my style or impulse buys. Most items that I have bought in the last 1-2 years, have remained in my wardrobe because they were planned purchases or items that are inline with my current style.

So what's your uniform combination? Is it an LBD with a nice coat/jacket? Jeans and a crisp white blouse, or skater dresses and blazers?

Photographer: Oluwatosin Ogunlesi  
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