Monday, 19 January 2015

Carven Lust

Everyone woman has a weakness when it comes to shopping. Some women prefer sprugling on make up, others cars, others clothes, others shoes and bags. I fall in the category of shoes for the most part. Last winter during the sale season I want H.A.M. I bought so many 'trendy' shoes and I grabbed amazing pieces. A year later those Stella McCartney Loafers, Croon Glitter Brogues and & Other Stories Loafers have hardly been worn. I've noticed I tend to wear my favorite designers more, i.e.: Ferragamo Varina's, my Chanel Flats and Carven Flats. 

You all know I lust after Carven Shoes, the brand just never ceases to amaze me. All My Carven shoes make my minimal outfits stand-out while adding a feminine finishing. Not to mention they are super comfortable. 
Outfit Details:
Long Zara Sweater Tunic 
Banana Republic Trousers 
Topshop Faux Fur Coat similar in different print (here) + color (here
Zara Faux Fur Scarf similar (here)
Gucci Monogram Boston Bag similar (here)
Carven Bow Flats on sale (here) I wish I got mine at this PRICE!!!
Plum Revlon Lipstick (here) + similar (here)

I wore this all black outfit to church last Sunday and loved the coziness of the it, However, wearing all black to church I thought I'm not going to a funeral and last minute threw on my bright ankle bow Carven Flats, that I scored from Avenue32 during the summer sales. Have a blessed Monday and Week ahead. 


Photographer: Oluwatosin Ogunlesi 
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Monday, 12 January 2015

Edinburgh Clearout

Hello Everyone, I hope you had a marvellous weekend. The weather in Edinburgh has been something else. It's cold, the winds are singing and some Edinburgh residents are without power. I'm grateful we are not without power and our house is in tact!! Praise God.

It's time for me to do my annual Closet Clearout; however, it will not be online, it will be for my Scottish readers and friends (depending on what's left I may put some of Depop). I have almost 7-8 large boxes of clothing, shoes, and accessories, and I can't possibly post them all online. My apologies.

All clothing will be under £10.00 for the most part with some £2 items. While my vintage stock of earrings will be £2-£3, necklaces £4, and etc... will be available as well. I literally need to get rid of everything and make room for new stock, and room in my closet (my closet was something else).

I will also be having my ZFSowho Ankara Dresses reduced to £20.00 so if you've been eyeing a dress online here's your chance to grab one without paying shipping cost.

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Year New Goals

Happy New Year Everyone! I am VERY Happy 2014 is over! Besides getting married 2014 was a year I would like to forget, for the most part. I am grateful for all I have but in terms of my career goals and progression it was a horrible year. As we prayed into the New Year, my mind was screaming, 'YES!!! 2014 is OVER!!!' (Insert Drake Song here.)  I know a lot of you are thinking but you're always smiling?? I've learned to find happiness through every single storm, to keep myself sane and those around me happy.

In 2015, I'm going all out, no holding back! I'm pursuing my goals at full force and keeping my business to myself until I have all the answers. I guess I'm going to start being very Nigerian in my conversations now and much more private, not revealing whatever it is I'm doing until it's set in stone. Secondly, I'm going to consistently write down all my goals (prayer points) out and staying sedfast in my faith. You'd be amazed at all the things that come to pass by simply writing them down.

I'm really excited for the new year and all it has to bring. A few of my close friends are getting married, some are expecting their first child, and I'm going to have a nephew in a couple of weeks!! I'm a bit overjoyed about the latter because it means my parents, mainly my mother, won't be bugging me for a grandchild soon!

Thanks to everyone for always asking me where my post are and to everyone who supported me in 2014 and the years before!! The best is yet to come.

By the way, I have a instagram post asking about pricing points of my latest product: 'Handmade ankara and leather bag tags.' If you leave feedback with your opinion and advice, one lucky person will receive a free one and everyone else will receive a 15% off coupon code when they are launched online.

Now to my outfit. I have been dressing so simple this winter, I'll take it up a few notches when it starts warming up. I''m just trying to stay warm! lol. I scored this grey Coat last year for £15.00 during the H&M sales. I swear January and February are the best time to buy Winter Coats. I'm looking for a nice bright purple coat but can't find one, sigh...anyway here's yet another simple + minimalistic ensemble *wink*.
Outfit Details:
Knitted Topshop Sweater
Zara Cropped Trousers
H&M Grey Shift Coat
Ferragamo Varina Shoulder Bag
ZFSowho Etsy Rings + Embellished Bangles (here)
Croc Cap Toe Heels

Photographer: Oluwatosin Ogunlesi 
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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Creative Break: Christmas Collection

Hello Everyone, how've you been!!!??? Sorry for my mini break, I have been busy creating and buying these last few weeks.

Nevertheless, I've created Ankara Ornaments and Ankara Covered journals for the Christmas Season. I have forgotten how much I love creating until these last few months my creative juices have been spiraling out of control!! Ornament, key chains, journals, I've been bitten by a creative bug and I love the process. For all my Instagram, Twitter and Blog followers: I have a coupon code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS20 which gives you 20% off your entire order, just in time for Christmas.
Have a Great Week, and I hope you are enjoying the festive period thus far!!!

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Clean Cut

How many of you have a problem with trust? Now I don't really have a problem with trusting people, I've learned how to try and be objective with people, and know that when a person shows me who they are to accept it. So if I don't have a problem with trusting people, what type of trust problems do I have? I have trust issues when it comes to my image. If I am going to you to do my eyebrows for the first time, I am literally the customer sitting on the edge of my seat, drawing my eyebrow shape and praying to God that they get it right. Once I find an amazing person to thread my eyebrows they've gained a certified customer! (Shout out to Naz in Edinburgh that does my fabulous eyebrows)

I also find it hard trusting barbers with my cutting my hair. I'll be directing and trying as much as possible not to get too upset if I get a new barber that has no idea what they are doing. So the last time I cut my hair in Edinburgh at a particular barber shop, the barber was horrible. My husband told me that he could cut my hair for me, but I was afraid he'd mess up. Then I'd be upset at him, and I don't want to be upset at my boo...thus I opted for peace, or so I thought. I thought I'd rather get angry at someone else if they mess up. Well in the end, the barber messed up and my husband had to 'fix it to the best of his ability' that was a month ago.

Since then I hadn't cut my hair for so long because I didn't my fade messed up again and I hadn't found a new barber, thus it was looking a bit unkempt. My husband kindly said baby I'm cutting your hair tonight, I avoided it saying I'm busy or I'm tired. Then Saturday morning I think he'd had enough of my sides looking jacked, lol, and he told me to trust him. So as a good wife, I sat on the edge of my seat and allowed my hubby to cut my hair....and he did a fantastic job. I have a clean cut and I'm now saving £20.00 a month! Lesson learned, learn to trust more. *smile*

 Outfit Details:
COS Bottom Frill Coat (SOLD OUT) similar (here) love this (here)
COS Jersey Dress (here) like this (here) + (here)
Carven Ankle Bow Heels in red (here) and floral print on sale: (here) + (here)
Vintage Gucci Shoulder bag
Primark Tights
ZFSowho Bangle + Earrings, Kenneth Jay Lane Ram Bangle (here)

This is the grey version of the 'one dress' I tend to wear all the time, worn previously in coral (here). It's funny that I've had this clean cut dress for almost 2 years and it's my first time wearing on the blog. I have worn every cent of the £55.00, and love it to bits.

Photographer: Oluwatosin Ogunlesi 
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